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commenting on blogs

Commenting on blogs is fully known and appreciated in the blogging world,  is it out of the blogging world?

This blog is my cyber home., this website!

Looking over Perth one night....
Looking over Perth one night….

I got really clear about this after listening to a great speaker from the Inner Circle webinar. I have learnt sooo much from these webinars and other speakers through this program. Check out some of the people I have learnt from and have grown to trust. Click through to hear how Adam did it.

The other place I have learnt a heap of info is from Adrienne. Take a quick look at how informative Adriennes blog is.

Adriennes blog about commenting was an eye opener for me and a confirmation that commenting is a great way to learn, to give back, to fully engage in a way that we can often only do when we write. Having a conversation face to face can be blurred with an array of invisible interferences from where we are to who we are with to the type of relationship we have to the person we are talking with. The list goes on………..

The people that came and said hi and was amazed to see Kangaroos swim in my last blog was totally AWESOME..not mention that it was A LOT OF FUN! Check out Can kangaroos swim

I love to chat to people in our park, and my conversations with people in the blogging world can be very clear and precise
I love to chat to people in our park, and my conversations with people in the blogging world can be very clear and precise

Commenting on blogs!

Commenting on blogs allows us time to think before we speak often can give our experiences more meaning when we write them. It often gives our acknowledge to the writer more clarity and meaning. The tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Australia, many of us “ozzies” have that hidden – “ I can’t compliment or acknowledge or I can’t share my successes” in fear of being slashed down.

These thoughts maybe set up the thinking to action people into stalking blogs, reading them and leaving. This seems to me, they are looking in the window of my house take what they want and leave without even a calling card that they visited.

I understand that the internet is new and we often don’t know the “rules” or don’t realize that when we put our “home” up on the internet that we are inviting people to take a look at what we are thinking, what we are doing, where we live, how we make a lifestyle through our blogs and other strategies that we might be using through the internet.

Commneting on blogs is Just like seeing a spider web with the sun glistening on it on, a foggy morning... something pretty special!
Commneting on blogs is Just like seeing a spider web with the sun glistening on it, on a foggy morning… something pretty special!

What I have found with this blogging community, that I am involved with, is the it is sooo supportive with an amazing willingness to share and share some more , not only with the commenting but what they are learning in this new world of internet relationships, internet lifestyle, internet business.

So……. very exciting and I thank everyone for their insights and help over my short time online. I encourage everyone to say hi and comment with passion and positive energy….. yep its another world and more than rewarding!


Hi.... I'm Di  ! Nice to meet you!
Hi…. I’m Di !
Nice to meet you!









If you are looking for a very very very fulfilling lifestyle and want to know more, check out  Adams video . Click through wait for the video to load, watch it, and subscribe come and have fun with me! Here you go!

Have an awesome day!



8 thoughts on “commenting on blogs”

  1. Commenting is a great way to connect with both the blogger and their community but lots of readers seem to prefer to simply read and enjoy without commenting. Food for thought : is it shyness, laziness or a time constraint?

    1. HI Kerry,
      Thanks for swinging by and saying hi and giving your perspective on this topic, it is an interesting topic and one that is often blogged about.
      Hope your day is good Kerry

  2. I think for me its just laziness when I don’t comment on blogs that I visit – or I just might not have anything to add to the subject. And I also know its great when others comment on what you’ve written – certainly makes you feel that there are others out there!

    1. Thanks Jeremy for coming over and saying how it is for you. Thats my point with commenting, that to just say and tell the writer that you don’t have anything to add to also value, I think. If I went to someones house and they weren’t home Id leave my card in the door and say hi to tell them that I visited them. That was also my point in my blog post that folk that are not blogging maybe don’t know the blood sweat and tears that goes into a blog, just like the blood sweat and tears that goes into maintaining a home really
      Thankyou for coming over really appreciate it

  3. Hi Di,

    I always say that commenting is one of the back bones of our business. After reading a blog, we do get the time to think about it and leave a good comment.

    When doing so, there are rewards to it. Writing a good comment on someone’s blog will stand out to other readers. Now I didn’t know how many people were comment readers until I received some comments to my blog that said “Hey…I have sen your comment on (someone’s) blog and I thought I would come over to yours.”

    Leaving a good comment not only is respectful and courteous to the blogger, but also has that benefit of being recognized.

    There is nothing worse to me than a one liner or “good job”….you won’t find that on my comment section unless I’m working with a newbie and let it go through and then contact them to let them know more about comments.

    It is so nice to see you mention my friend Adrienne Smith on this post. I love that gal! She knows the importance of comments…just go to her blog and see lol.

    Sorry for the novella, but commenting is one of my passions!

    donna merrill recently posted…Create Your Awesome AuthorityMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,
      Love love love your comment and have never seen the word novella before, love that also.
      Adrienne is such a wealth of knowledge and extraordinarily generous in sharing what she knows and how she got to where she is.
      Every time I write a blog piece I learn something about myself and every time I comment on a blog I learn a little more. As I said I’m my blog writing is a very powerful medium to speak from our within and commenting is a very powerful way of listening.
      I hadn’t really thought about writing a good comment makes us stand out.. great point Donna and thank you for saying this.
      Trust you have a great weekend Donna

      Di xxx

  4. What stunning photographs Di, gorgeous work. You are exceptionally good with a camera. I love your blogs, they are informative and fun and beautifully pictorial. Thank you. Infinite love and gratitude, Diane xx

    1. Hi Diane,
      Yep getting more at ease with my camera and knowing what I want to shoot and what I want the end result to be is part of getting a good shot. Like anything really, if we are clear as to what we are wanting the outcome to be we generally get what we ask for if we take the time to learn the skills to get that outcome…. Photography seems to be no different.
      Thanks Diane for swinging by and taking your time to comment and compliment.
      Trust your weekend is a good one
      Di xxx

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