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Change Requires Agreements

You have to create change in your life…

Or else

Change will create you!

The subtlest phenomenon that takes place in everyone’s life is ‘change’…no matter how often  you notice it or not, change is accustomed to take place. Eventually, not many of us realize that change in itself is a constant process and even when you are resistant to it, it will still happen in your life.

We started discussing the constant behavior of change in our last blogand I am planning to take this discussion forward in a couple of upcoming blogs. I have been embracing the beauty of change since a young age. I have accepted change as a professional…as a women entrepreneur, as a wife, a mother, and in fact, almost in all the major and minor roles of my life. I have travelled across different countries, I’ve met people from different zones and I’ve connected with them in terms of both personal and business deals. Do you think I could have made it possible without knowing and understanding the importance of change? No… I would not have!

We must  welcome change into your life!

During the last 20 years, we have seen the most change happen on the planet.

There has been a tipping point in human thinking.

We live in a small world of internet connection.

But the only thing constant in this revolutionary world is ‘CHANGE’.

Do you know why some people are able to make the changes they dream of and some are not? Even when people want to be MORE, what is the factor that separatesan achiever from a person who is still complaining of their situation? Well, all the answer lies in a simple word!




Agreements, as defined by Wikipedia, are of different types and this may also confuse you a bit. I have often asked people for what agreements they have with themselves and it is most of the time found, that people miss the essential understanding of agreements. They simply don’t understand the different types of agreements they may need to have with themselves to make the changes they want and need to bring their ideas into reality.

We also confuse agreements to something limited with our families, work, colleagues, suppliers, customers and so on. It isn’t a stereotypically one sided approach- agreements are multidimensional as you may have them with anyone out there, be it direct or indirect. Ask the following questions to yourself while making agreements:

What are the agreements that are important to you?

What are the agreements that you have with YOURSELF?

Wait for the answers! The answers will guide your directions, paving your way to the process of change in your ideas. It will direct the change for your dreams and desires to be your reality. It will happen when your dreams reflect the purity of your rituals and routines.

Following are a set of questions that I have asked many people over the years. These questions have helped many people in the journey of finding their own questions…facilitating their own answers and ideas to flourish. The questions are:

  • What are the routines that you want to experiment with?
  • What are the ideas that you want to nurture?
  • What are the passions you want to pursue?
  • Who are the people you want to ask out for coffee because you admire them?
  • Who are the people you want to thank because they have inspired you?
  • Who are the people you want to hug as you see they are so adorable?
  • Have you made an agreement with yourself to figure out why you are here?
  • Do you make agreements with yourself to BE MORE and to DO WHAT MATTERS to YOU?

The Way it Works:

Let’s have an example here to a ‘WHY’ question! For instance, you are dealing with a concern like: ‘Why do I love to have a coffee with Joe Blogs?” I might analyse it to the get an answer like: “I’d love to have a coffee with Joe Blogs because he is a master at playing chess”, which further means that I am a master at playing chess. Now this is the kind of agreement that I have with myself. Take time in making agreements with yourself and ask why questions rather than addressing questions raised by others.

The Way it doesn’t work!

You have to keep one thing in mind here! Avoid raising HOW questions to yourself. You will only find answers to the ‘HOW’ questions once you know the answer of ‘why we do what we do’. It will then help us while we are on the way of creating our ideas into reality.

Most of the time it happens that people refrain moving forward in life because they don’t have the answers to the HOW concerns. We limit ourselves because we don’t have answers to our HOWs. We form an agreement in being mediocre, while we constantly poke ourselves with thoughts like ‘why we do what we do’.

If you are facing a battle of thoughts like this, then give it a break and understand this!

We are human beings, not human doings.

I am sure you are taking a lot of inspiration today from this blog post and if you are taking nothing else, make an agreement with yourself to ask WHY questions of yourself.

You have to agree with yourself and WAIT for the right set of answers.

You have to agree with yourself to ACT on the answers.

This is how CHANGE will happen. This is how you will have an agreement for change!

Let change come from the agreements you made with yourself in your life and see, how subtle everything turns out to be! We become more independent from our own thinking.

Give yourself a three month’s challenge for ‘Change’ andsee how beautifully this experiment works for you. People who embrace change gracefully in life experience a lot more exposure. They have a lot of things in their fingertips… and foremost, they have a thorough understanding of feasible possibilities in life.

So next time, if you get the temptation to avoid/resist the process of change in your life, aim instead to instigate it with agreements with yourself.

Every time you comment you are engaging.  You are really seeing how you think. When we don’t engage and stay observing……. The changes are ever so tiny.  Make your comment count and engage to move forward for YOU!

Hugs and love


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3 thoughts on “Change Requires Agreements”

  1. When you first introduced me to why questions I thought I understood the gravity of the questions. Which, at that time it was a bit of a breakthrough. The more and more I asked myself I noticed changes in how I was feeling. Then practicing them regularly I noticed a small shift in my being. It’s quite an interesting paradigm shift to embody it and it still takes practice to keep consistent when with this and creating agreements. This is a great reminder and I feel like I still learned something I didn’t pick up the last few times.

  2. I like the blog post and the video. The insight that making new agreements with yourself is most powerful is a great insight, that’s where real change starts. Keep up the good work Di!

    1. Hello Tom,

      Most peoples agreements are made with people outside of themselves.

      Real change only starts from the inside of us.

      Thankyou Tom, the more we engage the more we see our thoughts.


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