Can Kangaroos Swim

Writing a lifestyle blog means I can write about anything. Even .  …… Can Kangaroos Swim?

is she going to go?
is she going to go?

I normally chat about travelling, , raw food , blogging the list goes one.  I blog about my life, what I do, where I go and what Im learning.

Spencer is waiting to see if kangaroos can swim
Spencer is waiting to see if kangaroos can swim

So what has the topic “Can Kangaroos Swim” have to do with writing a lifestyle blog.

NOTHING and EVERYTHING at the same time!


Anyone can choose any topic to blog on, anyone can use google to learn the basics on blogging, anyone can follow blogs to see how people are making money from blogging or to use their blog as a promotional tool, anyone can tell their story in a blog, anyone can share their wisdom and learnings with others through blogging.

This blog is my cyber home, it is a place I invite people so they can get to know me , they can see my interests,  they can start to get to know who I am.  I learnt to develop my cyber home through my blogging platform.

Our white water raft event, The Avon Descent is a annual traditional family event.
Our white water raft event, The Avon Descent is a annual traditional family event.

I purchased a blogging platform, it costs me  $25 per month, I’ve learnt how to  blog, how to get eyeballs on my blog and how to promote it so I can be location free, the video tutorials also taught me the thinking behind relationship marketing, we all  know this is important in the bricks and mortar business here I learnt how to do it online.

The bonus with this blogging platform is that when someone purchases the blogging platform using my link,  I earn all of that $25 per month.  How cool is that…. You can’t do that anywhere else!  I have checked that out!

Not only can I choose what I want to blog about, I also receive 100% of the every blogging platform purchased that goes through my blogging link. I don’t have to set up my payment system… Its all done for me.  Coming from a small business I can’t believe that I can earn money without all the admin to do at the back end!!!! its like magic to me.

So….. if you want to learn how to share what you have to say start with the easiest blogging platform then get started….


check out my photos to see if Kangaroos can swim…….

and she is in
and she is in
she has her head above the water
she has her head above the water


she has her baby following her
she has her baby following her
Mother is almost out
Mother is almost out
she is on the other side
she is on the other side
the baby is almost out also
the baby is almost out also
wool hoooo!!!!!! baby is out
wool hoooo!!!!!! baby is out

Kangaroos can swim

and you can blog about anything … but you do need eyeballs on your blog!

This is how I do it

click into the link, fill out your details, yes I will be paid the $25 and you will get taught more than just blogging AND you can be paid $25.

Click here and Ill see you on the other side

Trust you enjoyed this piece

Have a great day

Hi.... I'm Di  !
Hi…. I’m Di !

16 thoughts on “Can Kangaroos Swim”

    1. Hi Helen and welcome to my blog.

      Yes we were amazed to see these kangaroos cross the river. This is my wordpress blog and I would not of known how to do a wordpress blog if I hadn’t of started with my EN blog. Usually I would blog on specific info that I have learnt from the amazing people on their videos. My aim is to get to that done tomorrow. I thought this was such a great topic and great example of what people can do with any type of blog, yet with EN people know what they are they doing.
      I will post my EN Blog with this topic and let you know

      Really appreciate your comments Helen


  1. Hi Di

    Now given I am an Aussie you would think I would know this but I did not. Well to be honest I had never thought about it. I am talking about kangaroos swimming now not blogging 🙂

    How did you go in the Avon Decent? I never got there but seems like everyone else I knew in Perth did.

    I love the blogging system you are referring to Di and it is such a good way for people to get their message out.


    Sue Price recently posted…Your Story Is Not Your OwnMy Profile

    1. Hi Sue,

      we couldn’t believe our eyes yesterday when these kangaroos jumped into the river and confidently swam to the other side. Like you, I hadn’t never thought about kangaroos swimming. We had a emu on the farm, she could swim, so not surprised now that I see these kangaroos swim that they also are good swimmers.

      I love the blogging system I use, I will link this blog to that platform in the next few days. It is such a great way to get any type of message “out there”.

      Thanks Sue for dropping over and giving such a great comment.

  2. Loved your pictures – being in the right spot at the right time!
    Sounds like a great system – one that allows you to create an income while helping others to also make money.

    1. Hi Jeremy

      right place right time. I coold of had a long lens on..but you know what I took the shots, I have done what I know how and they are up and I have learnt heaps and I make the most of what I saw and had at the time….
      I love my lifestyle, one that I had never thought I could create. Ive never had a real job, but having a small business is a job 24×7. My businesses have been great teachers of innovation and think on your feet.
      See next time Jeremy

    1. Hi Jess,

      Thanks for swinging by and saying hi. Yep happy with the photos and the blogging platform is totally awesome and easy to use.

  3. They can easily cross a little bit of water like that. They have been known to swim out to sea as well.

    Great blog post and I love the message that you can blog about anything you like or are passionate about.


    1. Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting and my blog. We were all sooo excited to see the mother and her baby roo cross the river. The mother hesitated for a few seconds before she splashed in. It was a awesome sight.
      I was excited when I had the thought pop not my head that… I can blog about this…. even if one person realises that they can blog about their passion or have a go…. is a great gift to me.
      Thanks Shaun and cheers to you

  4. Although we don’t have Kangaroos in Wisconsin, (USA), it’s interesting to see if they can swim….now I know. The closest I have been to a Kangaroo is at the zoo. You are so privileged to see this just run wild. Pretty cool!

    1. Hi Teresa,
      Thankyou for dropping by and commenting on can kangaroos swim. It was so cool to see these kangaroos swim across the river. Being an Ozzie I had not ever thought about kangaroos swimming, so very awesome.
      When I realised I could blog about this and share it to show people that they really can blog about anything and make money through the blogging system. I was super excited.
      Im sure I will enjoy hearing about your lifestyle in Wisconsin, another great thing about the internet and blogging hey..learning what other people do and how they live in other parts of the world… I love that aspect of blogging.
      Trust you have a great day Teresa

  5. As an Aussie who grew up in the country, I’d never seen a kangaroo swim. Amazing and incredible creatures. Gorgeous photos to show them swimming too.

    1. Hi Kate,
      You know I had never thought about kangaroos swimming, was a very cool sighting hey!!!!! AND yes I was happy with my photos considering it was my little 50mm that I happened to have on at the time, which is not normally the lens I would take shots like that.

      Have a great weekend Kate and thanks for swinging by and taking your time to comment on my blog


    1. Hi Kerry,

      Apart from showing people that Kangaroos could swim the purpose of this blog was to demonstrate that people can blog about anything, or any topic, or any passion as Shaun says, and add value. The number of people that were surprised to see kangaroos swimming has been fabulous and the number people who have taken the time to comment here or on my Facebook page has been awesome.

      This was the post that gave me the insight to post the next blog about commenting and the importance of it for both the writer and the reader.
      Blogging is such a great medium to express and to listen.

      Thanks Kerry for coming by and saying hi
      Hope you have a good week

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