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We were enthralled with Tina Arena with her exploding authenticity!

Are you female?

Are you over 40?

We went to enjoy the most stunning, beautiful and elegant concert last night. Tina Arena really gave us a show demonstrating femininity and power with a purpose.

This is what I felt from Tina’s concert:


If you don’t know Tina or if you didn’t hear her show stopping speech at the Arias in 2015 enjoy her power and her message, especially worth the time if you are female, if you are over forty it’s a must watch!

Women need to have fiercely independent role models now more than ever before.

This video, to me, shows more than passion.

What did you get from watching this????


Did you to see Passion, feel Passion, hear Passion and even get in touch with your own Passion?


Tell me what you got from this video.

Have the best day
Di Downie
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2 thoughts on “Authenticity”

    1. Thankyou Stephen.

      Awesome that it sparked your passion.

      Often we can get so busy just being just that we can forget why we do what we do

      To watch someone like Tina Arena can lift our whole week by just sparking our own


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Authenticity | Di Downie – The Ideas Diva.Shaping your ideas into reality