Di Downie’s Online Mentoring Program 

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Agreement and Approve :

As a student of  Di Downie’s Online Mentoring System. I understand and agree to the following:

1. I agree to attend the live help sessions even if it means I have to reschedule other appointments.

2. I agree to attend live events.  This means I will rearrange my schedule, if needed to attend live.

3. I understand that everything that Di Downie teachs is copywritten and all rights are reserved to share, duplicate or copy any of the materials, videos or trainings unless Di Downie gives you permission to do so in writing.

4. I agree to complete all assignments for each module. I understand that I will receive assignments and to implement what I learn will take approximtley 2 – 3 hours each week to fully complete.

5. I understand that I can request my money back if I do not double my income by the end of 12 months when I have implemented everything in the program.

6. I realize that Di Downie may need to reschedule times due to unforeseen circumstances.

7. I realize I may feel stressed, stretched, overwhelmed, challenged even lost during this program. I will keep turning up and taking one step at a time to consume the information at my own rate.

8. I realize that at times documents may not open, videos may not work, webinars may not work, that not always will everything go to plan.

9. I fully accept all responsibility for my participation and my own implementation in this program.

10.I am willing to share my learnings, my expertise, my inspiration when appropriate or when asked.

11. I will understand that Di Downie will recommend programs, software, apps to gain effective results.  I understand I may need to budget on additional money to cover these if I choose to use them.

12. If I need more one on one mentoring I will contact Di Downie about one on one coaching and pay the full consulting fee.

13. I understand that the program will consist of some one on one coaching for others to learn from.

14. I understand that I have purchased a training program that have both recorded, live and written material.

15. I understand that by contributing, supporting, sharing my results clearly and concisely that I will be allowing others to get to know me and I am being a role model for other participants.

16. I will add di@downie.com to my email safe list so that you will always receive your emails into my email box and not my spam folder.

17. After I have implemented lessons I will give constructive feedback to Di Downie by specifically outlining the feedback in a email to di@didownie.com. I will share how the lesson can be easier or more effective.

18. I understand that I will be removed from all groups if I am not positive and supportive to all group members. I understand I will not solicitate anyone.