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Re-jigging life

Have you ever had to stop and start re-jigging some of your life or part of your business?

In this post I’m sharing 3 tips I did whilst re-jigging life


Have you ever STOPPED and taken a bird eye view of your life
Have you ever STOPPED and taken a bird eye view of your life


Have you had to change the direction ,  Stop to change a few things to have more of what’s important to you flowing in your life?

Previously the times I have changed my direction, a tad, I have done it on the fly with kids, businesses, projects to finish, house hold  chores etc etc and etc… you know how life goes.

This time I have had to STOP, listen, take the time and shift gears and turn the steering wheel for both our businesess.

Growing up in the sixties in Western Australia, many of us now baby boomers  are having skin cancers removed in some form or another.  Mine was in my calf.  It’s gone. It was not a Melanoma and I’m in week three of recovery, now walking for short lengths of time with many hours re-jigging our businesses with my leg in the air.

Unlike other “change direction opportunity road signs” that I have had, I have done some major adjustments.

This past week I have been able to begin some of my daily routines again.  One of them being my Yoga and Neigong routine.

Here I am with Joops our Dalmation early one morning


Doing my morning routines is a major key for a smooth day ahead.
Doing my morning routines is a major key for a smooth day ahead.


If you do Yoga for no other reason than do this… it’s worth!!!!  LOL !!!!

From Crutches to leg in the air to brain storm on the flipchart was a handy thing to do!!!
From Crutches to leg in the air to brain storm on the flipchart was a handy thing to do!!!

3 Tips to re-jigging my life has come from dong it many times before.

So you might ask me what have I don’t to re-jig our life and businesses?

My reply to you would be that its not what I have done, it’s more of what have I looked at to change why I do what I do.

We have re-evaluated three basic questions.

We went back to my three questions to re-jigging any part of our life or business

These three questions come from three rituals we have in our life:

1:  What do I value and need and what am I tolerating?

2. What are my four focusses for my year?

3. What are my daily rituals?

Here is a short video for you:


Life happens to us all, good, bad and the ugly, so what do you when life happens.


Sometimes we need to adjust slightly and sometimes we are forced to STOP


Tip 1 .  Re-jigging my life:

What do you value and need and what are you tolerating?


We all value our family, our children our partner in life.


There will be another three values that  you will want have more of in your life in your business, in your recreational time. The four values will drive you, direct you to more of EVERYTHING!


Our values are why we do everything.  Values are words that we can do. Values are “doing” words they are actions that we take. We can almost touch that word!

For example one of my brothers choose the  words “to play games”.  This is how he runs his very successful building company.  He plays games with his clients and his staff to get the most value for himself and his business.

Another example of a value might be “to facilitate”.  It is a doing word.  It is a word that when you are facilitating you can see yourself facilitating some one for a purpose or you are in the background facilitating a project to its completion.

One more value is to accomplish.  Many of my business clients expressed “to accomplish” was  the very reason why they ran their business. They said that they take much pride when a project is complete, that they feel enormous fulfilment when they have accomplished a project or delivered a service.




In my video above I didn’t go into what needs are, a quick over view: a need is a feeling word.

Often we get our  personal needs met indirectly.

You have met that person who always wants to be the centre of attention in every conversation.  Often that person has the need of being acknowledged or maybe to be included or maybe to control.  The person gets their personal need met in a negative form rather than being clear what their needs are setting their life up to have their needs met, clearly to benefit themselves and everyone around them.

For example; women often find that they have a personal need to be busy.  They are busy for just being busy.  Rather than discovering what they value.  They go and make themselves busy at the local tuck shop or living through their children or grand children. ( Don’t get me wrong, these are great things to do, its why they are being done.)

There is a quick overview of my values, needs and tolerations in this blog post.



Tip 2: Rejigging my life:  

What are my four focusses for my year?




I’d recommend :   2 focusses for business and 2 for your personal life.

To clearly articulate my focusses I use whats important to me, my values.

For example one of my clients focusses this year is to be more present with her family. To be more available for her parents this year.  This isn’t a goal it’s a focus with family being one of her values.


The other aspect that keeps my on track and loving my life is to re-jig some of my daily, weekly, yearly  routines.


Tip3:  Re-jigging my life

What are my daily rituals?

For example my daily routine/ritual of yoga and neigong was the first routine that returned once my leg was was able to take my weight. Meanwhile I increased my daily routine of meditation including a healing meditation.  I created my own meditation to increase my communication with my body for natural healing.

Increasing more fermented foods, antioxidants along with anti-inflamatory foods was an addition while I was healing and re-jigging.

I used these organic fresh strawberries for a second ferment for my kefir this week.  Of course Strawberries are usually highly sprayed,  they are delicious to many bugs like they are delicious to us.

Did you know that strawberries have more Vitamin C than Oranges and are a good anti oxidant.  One of my food rituals is to daily eat vegetables or fruits that are bright in colour, red, orange, green.



In a nutshell

How I re-jigged while I recovered was to

Re-evaluate my values and needs and what I was tolerating

Check that I was still aligned to my current focusses

I also asked myself was I clear and did I feel that my daily rituals were moving me forward in a positive manner  … AND… in a direction I wanted to go in.

Have you ever had to rejig your life and why did you have to?  What was the catalyst for the re-jigging?

Write a comment below as we all learn from each other.

Have the best day ever.
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30 thoughts on “Re-jigging life”

    1. Hi Regina,

      Thankyou for coming by and yes I use questions and wait for the answer.

      If I get impatient.. like I do…. I ask it again , then wait again.

      Basing my questions on my values and what’s important to me help me to have focussed questions.



    1. Hello Sue,

      We all tackle situations, challenges, issues…LIFE from different points of views, beliefs, experiences and thank goodness that we do. We can all see how other people come at situations.

      The values process is a process that I developed when I was coaching and running my Coaching Academy many years ago.
      A process that my clients helped to develop over about ten years…..

      Thanks Sue


  1. wow what a powerful blog Di.. loved it… and look at you so fit and active.. sorry about your recent surgery… have had the same removed off my face and chest… small little procedures.. but yes even in the UK we ‘baked’ away 🙂

    1. Hello Helen,

      Yes this surgery has taken much longer than thought… but hey…. there is always people worse off than me

      I never baked in the sun… sunbaked… Im a red head so burn quicker then a match!!!!

      Really appreciate you visiting my post Helen


    1. Hello Erica, I was saying to a friend the other day, that I don’t think I have ever isolated myself as I have done in the past year and especially this past 2 months.

      I cleared out many of my relationships that were not supporting me several years ago. This past year I have needed to have continuous support for what I feel I am creating

      Really appreciate your comment Erica


  2. Loved your blog post. You’re exactly right life happens to us all and at one point we are forced to stop & re-adjust. My rejig was learning how to give myself some quality time. One of my rituals now is my 5am workout. It gives me so much more energy and helps me focus.

    1. Hi Vixan

      yes life happens and yes we are at some point and often, at several points, will be stopped to re-jig and make a few decisions on our direction.

      Often when we do have to stop and re-jig we dont make the decision based on our values…. We often look at the situations and weigh them up.. and yes that only the surface part of the equation.

      Early morning rituals are such a empowering resource for our bodies to draw from for our whole day.

      Thankyou for your visit Vixan


  3. Being an ex military family I have had to do a lot of re-jigging in my life moving around so much to different places and countries and it hasn’t always been easy. This is a fantastically inspiring post Di and you have shared a great amount of value and advice thanks.

    1. Hi Angie,

      We didnt move around when I was a child.

      I often wondered what it would be like to go from town to town, city to city to live as a small child. Now of course it is more popular than ever before with the internet and major companies shifting families from country to country.

      I appreciate you saying that this post was inspiring. I have done my job with this post

      Appreciate you Angie


    1. Thankyou Jelena.

      I never really know where my blog posts will go

      I have a plan… then it often changes

      Just like life really

      Thankyou for coming over


  4. I hope you’re healing well. I think these questions are important to ask ourselves regardless of what’s going on in our life, if we’re at an intersection where we must re-juggle things.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      I find, to ask myself a question is very clearing of the rubbish that can go around in our heads.

      My questions clear my thinking not only because I have asked the questions but my thinking become clearer
      as I have given my mind a direction rather than allow it to ramble through the what if’s and innane
      comments that it can come up with for no reason

      Appreciate your visit Brenda


  5. Hi Di,
    I’m glad to see you again and to learn that you’re almost all mended. Carl has had confirmation that he had a minor stroke back in the fall when we had some problem tenants who stressed us out. We’re re-evaluating everything ourselves and selling one property to a long-time tenant. The bad tenants are gone and he’s optimistic about going back to work when the hiring freeze is lifted.
    My mother passed away in December at 94, after spending the last three years living in an assisted living facility. She was “slipping” for a few years before her dementia became too difficult to care for her at home. She was a great mother and role model.
    I’m moving forward on the kitchen remodel and counting the months until I retire. We’re still doing AirBnb but we’ve cut back our availability and I’m going to refocus to attract more business clients. We’ve had great guests. but I can’t do it all myself. Just being more selective about my time.
    I enjoy your optimism and constant challenges to live a full life. You always make me think!

    1. Hi Maura,

      Well thankyou for a beautiful catch up and wow… you are certainly re-jigging your life.

      Great to hear that Carl is back on track and looking forward to getting back into his work and you are
      moving forward to re-modelling your kitchen.

      Major things have shifted, especially with your Mum passing away and I know how you saw her as your role model.

      Yes…. isn’t it true that we become more selective to whom, where, when, why and how we spend our time
      and how important is that to do? When we are younger we think that time is a never ending resource

      Life is short!

      I really appreciate your encouragement Maura… I do like to love my life. I have always thrived on learning and surrounding myself with people who will support me.

      Also thankyou for your comment that my blogs make you think…. another thing I like to do is to think
      productively from my own thinking and sometimes that can be confusing when we have our parents, the media
      our child hood hurts and memories shaping our adult thinking

      I trust Ill meet again Maura

      and enjoy your remodelling and re-jigging


  6. What a great post! If it ain’t broke why fix it? Because want it to be “better”. Thank you for posting. Gives me lots to think about.

  7. Wow Di, I appreciate this. we all have a moment or two when we need a refresh, a rearrange, and a realignment in our lives and businesses. Thank you for these crazy awesome tips to help us do that with grace!

  8. Wow Di,

    What a value packed insightful post. Totally giving one a run down on how to re-assess, plan and rejig one’s life and business so to speak. I like that the focus is on Family and loved ones …Tolerances…I do have a few. We have to tolerate a few things in order to get what we want or have a peaceful life. As long as those tolerances are not crossing our moral code!

    1. Hi Julie,

      Yes we will always have things in our life that we tolerate and we are not in control of those tolerations.

      HOwever there are often tolerations that we can control, we can eliminate and yet some people like to keep them to gain some type of negative attention.

      I say get them out of your life, move on and do what we are meant to do in our life


    1. Hi Kay,

      Thanks Kay and for your time.

      Daily rituals are the foundations for our day.

      some people have coffee, shower and a drive before they start their day.

      I don’t believe those rituals by themselves will sustain us in this day and age


    1. I have to say when I have to re-jig I wonder why. I used get frustrated and felt like I was pushed into a corner to re-jig and change some things.

      Nowadays I love it, I can see the bigger picture and am able to take advantage of the situation.

      Thankyou for coming over Sandra

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