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3 Steps to Flow with Change

You will change your life when you act following my simple 3 steps to flow with change.

I have changed my life and others lives with these simple steps!

I’m going to clearly step you through three simple actions that I have taken to give myself MORE Profit and Happiness doing what I love to do and that is to teach people my proprietary system that transforms lives guaranteed, unlike anything someone has ever experienced.

Actually people want to come a live with me to get MORE transformation.

Why is there so much change now???

I feel lucky to say that I have witnessed a journey full of tremendous changes in the past 20 years of my life- a journey which isn’t just about the changes that were happening in my personal sphere but also the transformation of this planet.

There is nothing more alarming than the way we have learned to ignore the stuff that really matters to us.

Our thoughts today are driven by the influence of media as we are becoming more gullible in our way of losing the right stance of communication.

Our opinions are sailing our riding boats and we are just decanting in the flow.

Sharing my personal life experiences, I remember the two triggers of life that affected the process of change in my world. I am happy that unlike others, I have been the driver of my sailing boat.

– The first one happened when my mother-in-law gave me a book about how to weave wheat. I learned the first idea of women entrepreneurship from this experience.

– The second one came through motherhood… precisely when my second daughter was born.

While I tasted the sweetness of entrepreneurship in my first experience, I realized the need to become MORE through the second trigger. I have repeatedly discussed the MORE epidemic that is affecting women , some men of all ages and in all corners of the planet. The MORE epidemic is affecting women more aggressively than men.

Questions to your mind is the first step:

Questions that you need to ask yourself for creating your own life!

– Am I who I want to be?
– Am I doing what I want to do?
– Do I collect my ideas everyday?
– Do I take time for myself every day?
– Do I surround myself with people who will accept and enhance my change?
– Do I have a crystal clear picture of what I want?

Understanding Change with Agreements!

We generally tend to confuse agreements with something that is only limited to our friends, families, partners, business, and so on but it isn’t true. Agreement is a multidimensional understanding which can happen in both ways- direct or indirect and to express it more clearly, I have a list of questions that I have asked many people over the years.

– List the routines that you want to experiment?
– What are the ideas that you want to nurture?
– What are the passions you want to pursue?
– Who are the people you want to ask out for coffee because you admire them?
– Who are the people you want to thank because they have inspired you?
– Who are the people you want to hug as you see they are so adorable?
– Have you made an agreement with yourself to figure out why you are here?
– Do you make agreements with yourself to BE MORE and to DO WHAT MATTERS to YOU?
While you’ll be answering these questions to yourself, you will understand how one question is related to another and ultimately, how it is bringing the best form of clarity in your mind. Mark my words here-

Clarity of mind is the biggest weapon that you can use to win the battle of life.

Take time in making agreements with yourself.

Ask WHY questions rather than addressing HOW questions to yourself.

You cannot limit yourself just because you don’t have answers to your how question and subsequently, form agreements in being mediocre. There is no fun in poking your ‘why we do what we do’ thoughts… There is no fun in facing the battle of thoughts… Break it to understand that we are human being and not human doings.

Form an agreement with yourself

Wait for the right answers

Agree with yourself and act on the answers

Let change happen through agreements.

Time- The biggest lesson… the biggest asset you have!

How we take advantage of our time, learning how to shape our time from what we value and who we are is step 3:

We all have the same amount of time but the reason why most of us don’t utilize our time properly is because we WASTE it and still wish to have more. Comparisons, denials, frustrations, waiting for approvals, and passivity… they are all signs of time mismanagement which is affecting the world around us.

I am glad that women entrepreneurs around the world know how to keep their time and agreements parallel with each other. After all, women manage the time in to most artistic way and their bond with time is based on the excellence to multitask and utilize time in the most effective manner. Here I have some tips for you to help saving your precious time.

How to make the very most of our precious commodity – TIME:
– STOP scrolling Facebook to compare yourself with others
– STOP surrounding yourself with people who are in denial.
– STOP judging other people.
– STOP eating food that is simply filling you up.
– STOP wasting your money on shopping.
– STOP putting off cleaning up your bedroom, your office, your garden.
– STOP blaming your parents, your aunty, your teacher, the dog for the way you feel and the way your life is.
– STOP listening to people who do not have good results
“Sometimes, the answer is found in casting off all the constraints of the past and bolding pursing everything that you inherent. Change, unlike anything else in this world, will happen at its own pace and NOTHING…. just nothing will be able to stop it! You can either embrace it or face the sad consequences.”

Let’s throw away everything that hinders your process of change and before it advances, realize the significance of questions, time and agreements in life.

By the way don’t keep this information to yourself. Share what it and share what you know. We love to share movies, a great restaurant why not share great valuable distinctions to more happiness, love and profit.

By the way the more we comment and engage the more we see how we really add to others.

Hugs and love

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