14 Strategies to facilitate the Conscious Act of ‘DOING WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO’

Zombie apocalypse- Yeah… you heard that right!!!

Don’t you think that most of the human beings in this world are a part of a ‘massive’ rat race?

Don’t you think we are just racing… as in running like dead zombies?

Would you call it apocalypse?

There is nothing wrong with making an honest living… as long as you are honest about your living! I’m glad to live the major years of my life in the air of honesty. I’m glad to be a women entrepreneur who has lived a life of human doings. I wasn’t living for the weekends or living just during the weekends. I thrive to live my life throughout the ‘7-days a week’ .

I still remember writing this excerpt from my book ‘A High Heels Paradox

Someone said to me about 30 years ago… “Be a human being rather than a human doing”. I thought I’d try it. But then … I forgot about it for a while as I was paying for the mortgage, running the kids to school, celebrating birthdays and Christmas, saying hello to new friends and saying goodbye to old ones.

End of excerpt

That was thirty years ago. We were not as evolved as we are now in 2017. Times have changed yet many people are still waiting for their perfect day to build to their perfect life without DOING anything to make it as they desire it.

What comes first BEING or DOING?

If you are seeking for a perfect life then here is part of a principle of nature- ‘there is no straight line’! It was never a straight journey for anyone. But whatever that perfect day is for you, you must take the time to DO something about creating it. Life could be difficult but that doesn’t mean you should give up so damn easily. The majority of people have not taken the time to allow themselves to think bigger than their past and there is a very funny story to it. When I ask people what is it that they would love their life to be like, I get many interesting responses. Many say something like…. sipping martinis on the beach, traveling the world, to spend every day with my kids or grand kids. Often the answers are similar to “I’d be on boat every single day and I’d never get sick of it”

The passions of your life will lead you to your PURPOSE. Just LIVE it and LOVE it.

Let me tell you the truth of my life. I was in a position, that I had created, not long ago where I had set up my life with all the choices anyone would want. I walked my doggies twice a day, I would work in our business 3 to four hours a day, I’d buy clothes, cosmetics, organic food and drink with choices, I’d take photography courses and art classes that I loved, travel where I wanted to, I had a gorgeous car and still do and many more beautiful acts of living I carried out. My life was picture perfect. I had the perfect life and I still do on many levels and I have the same challenges as you do. We are all humans doing the best we can do. A few years ago, everything seemed just perfect to me except I was not doing what I loved to do any longer. I had our grown the position I had created. It was time for me to set myself another challenge giving more meaning to my life.

The BIG Changes:

  • I stopped to find out what would give my self fulfillment PLUS give me the lifestyle that I love.

  • I stopped to figure out how I could give value to more people than my family and my community.

  • I stopped to figure out how to share what I know that would make a difference to many people’s lives.

We humans are here to solve problems. We aren’t here just as followers. The big distinction is that most people who go to a job (and are given the tasks to do the work) do not allow their minds to be creative to solve problems. Their minds are busy doing tasks set by someone else.

Your heart is divided into several pieces. The idea with creativity is to bring these pieces together… both creatively and heartily.

I say “creativity can solve any problem’. It can change the attitude of life… it can change a person who is just following the monotonous passiveness of life. Creativity will shift us from “ground hog day” to a meaningful life without competition. It can make you a leader. Once us humans are in a position where we can solve problems with our mind our energy levels increase, our cells communicate in a different way and we oscillate on a completely different frequency than task doing.

This may sound woo woo and “new agey”.

Try it

The Study:

Allow me to share a very interesting study on human behavior with you! There was a study done with a group of people for over two weeks. Let me give you the week wise evaluation of this study!

  • During the first week, the participants were given money and told to spend it on services that would give them more time in their week. For example lawn mowing, house cleaning, cooking etc

  • During the second week, they were given money to spend on jewelry, technology items that they would love to have.

The Question: After the survey time the participants were asked which week do they want more of.

The Answer: All of them said they want week one with more time.

My Position on the Study:

My point here is quite simple. When we have time, when we MAKE time we have the caliber to use it wisely, we often discover what we want to do when we grow up. Time gives definition and purpose to our life. It doesn’t leave us being shallow. Another way to say that is when we have time and we use it with consciousness, we will discover why we are here on this planet. When we use our time with purpose we will uncover our purpose.

If the story of your life is important to you and your dreams do count, then give your life a purpose. I believe in you. I trust that you are here on this planet to make a difference.

~ Di Downie

There is still no promise that when we discover what we love to do that we will do it. There are choices. When we do what we love to do we have bountiful energy, clear thinking and a way of being that people want to steal from you.

How do you start to experiment in having endless energy? Quite simple! You strive for clarity of thought that is beyond crystal to have people hang of every word you say.

To make it clearer for you, here is the 12 winning strategies to facilitate the conscious act of DOING WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO…..


it’s not rocket science and it’s the road less travelled.

Strategy 1: STOP following the so called gurus who tell you the so called secret for how many leads they are getting and how to market on Facebook, or how to how to sell without selling or how to brand yourself to your success or the latest Instagram strategy. Blah… blah… blahhh… Stop here right NOW! Take the road less travelled and discover your own secret. Success never comes on lease. It is something which is earned with a dose of self honesty.

Strategy 2: STOP simply going with the flow of everyday life. Have the strength to go against the wind. Have the zeal to find your own way.

Strategy 3: STOP being around negative conversations. Absorb positive energies to shiny bright light with the wisdom of optimism. Negativity has the tendency to demean us all… it will kill your purpose. So stop it right here and avoid any sort of negative energy around you.

Strategy 4: STOP taking yourself for granted! This is by far the biggest lesson that all the women entrepreneurs out there need to learn. Self love, self acceptance and creativity is the ultimate channel to turn all your ideas into reality.

Strategy 5: STOP eating and drinking sugar. It’s a healthy routine that you can add to your family rituals.

Strategy 6: STOP comparing yourself with others. That’s not a good thing to do for yourself! Be proud of what you are… take pride in your personality to find your purose.

Strategy 7: STOP acting from the chatter in your head. Be mindful and care for your mind. De-clutter the old thoughts from your thinking clarity is what you are to seek!

To start anything is to start and keep starting,

That’s intelligence

– – Di Downie

Strategy 8: START TO show your thankfulness with a smile; it’s free! Smile it away and win the world. And just remember one thing- if someone doesn’t have a smile, you are probably the best person to give them yours. Wear your smile every day.

Strategy 9: START TO ask yourself questions rather than tell yourself statements. Here are some questions that you could start with:

  • How are people going to remember me?

  • How do I show people what I value? How do I get my needs met?

  • What am I passionate about?

Strategy 10: START TO share what you know, especially if you are over 50. The world seeks inspiration and it is best when served with experience. So if you have a story to share and you think it can change the world then don’t hesitate a bit. Go ahead and change the world. Be the one who can make a BIGGER difference.

Strategy 11: START TO write in a book that you love EVERYDAY for 10 minutes and don’t think about what you are writing. I suggest you to think out loud on paper and write whatever you are thinking. Just don’t worry about the grammar or your vocabulary. Remember- this is an exercise to feed your mind, soul and ideas.

Strategy 12: START TO find people who; when you leave them you feel uplifted and aware of yourself.

Strategy 13: START TO eat and drink nourishing food and drink, in other words plan what you eat to eat good food. Have you read my blog on healthy eating? Read it and know why it is so important for all of us to have a healthy lifestyle and routine.

Strategy 14: START TO DO what it is that you love to do… even if it’s for 10 minutes a day while you move your position of living.

I am confident that these 14 strategies will facilitate the conscious act in you to know what you love. Discover it with all the passions and purpose that you have in your life. But before that, just don’t forget to share your comments here. You know I love reading them  Yaayyyyhhhh!!!

Hugs and love


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