12 Steps to direct yourself to a life that is designed by YOU

What fuels your life- is it motivation or inspiration?

If you think that it is one and same thing then wait a minute.

They are very different.

As a women entrepreneur who is most of the time touring all across the world, I often meet people who are confused between motivation and inspiration. In fact, I am not surprised to see people mistaking motivation with inspiration. There is one thing that my business has taught me and it is pretty simple to understand:

I believe motivation isn’t something that we inherit from blood… but it is definitely something that we all want.

Once you read this you may want inspiration over motivation.

Knowing the difference:

Motivation will come to you as an outside influential energy… it will pull you to achieve something. For instance, you have an idea to attain fitness and you see your gym instructor as a source of motivation. When it is cold outside or you have pain in your body, you will still manage to go out for your exercise routine- as you are being influenced by your trainer! You are being motivated

Motivation gives people incentives to take action towards achieving short term and long term goals.

Being motivated comes from someone giving us a reason to act. Motivation shows us the window with Epiphanies with outside prompted action, with often ineffective copy cat activities. For instance, you might go to motivating seminars which could be a great way to wake up to a new internal direction or you might read motivational books which would become a great source of waking up passion that has died or been forgotten.

Inspiration, on the other hand, has a different story! It is a process. I will give you an example here. Suppose you have attended a seminar on personal development and you feel like you are in the right place at the right time. Or you see a project that you are have no choice but to spend your time in. You maybe are enlightened with the way she/he talks and you are even liberated with her/his ideas of life. Everything that has inspired you might touch you inside and connects you with a new state of being. It lights the fire in you. It makes you more naturally creative and productive. It gives you purpose of life. And finally, you feel awakened. You find yourself with more energy from internal creativity and often positivity.

Inspiration has the energy of self guidance. So while motivation can be your pulling force, inspiration is an internal driving force.

Lessons for Life:

Allow yourself to be inspired to have some long term results from internal creativity. It will often lead you to effective long term internal driven activities. You have to learn the art of letting go of certain things and once you have learned it, the first thing to let go of is your ‘EGO’. Otherwise, your ego will never let you get inspired.

Your ego is not your Amigo! ~ Joel Baurer

The COOS Syndrome:

My term COOSThe COOS SyndromeComparing Ourselves with Others through Social Media motivates decisions without knowing exactly the goal and aimed outcome. People are often too busy making decisions from COOS!

Most people want to be motivated: Most people wait for someone to move them from what they are doing to what they might want to be doing. Most people don’t take the time to research and experiment with what naturally inspires them. Most people do not take the time to learn how they process information. Most people do not take the time to know what they value and often do not know what to ask for as they are not comfortable with their own personal emotional needs.

I will give you an example here! For instance, you are planning to start your own website or you are planning to migrate it to the online platform. Do not start a website or a blog until you have taken some time to gather fundamental data about yourself.

research and experiment

learn how you process information

intergrate your values

be comfortable with your emotional needs

It is simply data so you know how you are thinking now. It is snap shot of yourself now… and you will change!

We cannot see outside of ourselves

Buckminster Fuller

The mental fog:

Most people don’t take the time to make clear precise decisions as to what they want to be doing. They have this mental fog all the time in their mind. It is often more comfortable for ideas to keep rattling around in our heads and stay busy in a job, or a business that we don’t love. Or even worse we stay around people who look like they are supporting us. Being a women entrepreneur, I know that woman are experts at attempting to do many activities at the same time, distracting themselves from what they love to do, distracting themselves from making decisions about what they love to do often waiting for someone to motivate them. Somewhere down the line, they are too busy in managing their role of a multitasker that they often forget the significance of what they love and how beautifully they love it.

When I ask people how they make decisions they reply with a comment like: “I have a hard time making decisions and usually leave it to the deadline. Some people don’t make decisions and end up asking themselves “how did I get here?” Some people make decisions based on asking people who want to sell them something rather than asking people who have the results. Most people make decisions from being motivated rather than being inspired.

Before we get to the nitty gritty of the 12 steps of how to create your own direction for yourself, I want you to Discover and record your VAK Results. Discover your Values and Needs and record them.

Here you go with the 12 steps to have your ideas come to fruition:

Step 1: be inspired: Have that driving force that keeps you going in life and definitely making the most of it every day.

Step 2: inspire others: Believe in yourself- your energy is infectious and everyone in this world should know the person you are. Spread your energy and your knowledge.

Step 3: take notice of how you inspire: It’s all about keeping a wise check on your activities.

Step 4: define how you inspire: The defining will give you the clarity that you need in making the most out of any situation.

Step 5: observe how you define your inspiration: Be introspective in the way you inspire the world and if you think you can improve it, then don’t hesitate to make the change.

Step 6: develop your personal routines of how you inspire: Your personal ideas and routines can change the world, so be the change that you want to see in the world and stand true to your ideas. Believe me- you have the power to change your ideas into reality.

Step 7: create your rituals for memories: Confused about your rituals and routines? Read my rituals and routines to know everything about them.

Step 8: direct yourself from what you value: Comprehend the mechanism behind your thoughts, values, and their behavioural significance.

Step 9: impact your rituals into your business of inspiration: Unravel all the ways through which you can do it and make it possible for your personal and professional growth.

Step 10: define and refine your routines for effective daily results: Do it whenever you think it is required for your personal and professional growth. I believe lifelong learners don’t fear change.

Step 11: develop your skills step by step: Learn… learn… learn…. and learn! Never let anything in this world stop you from learning new things in life. I am sure you are going to cherish your learning attitude.

Step 12: Define develop and direct yourself to your market from your values: Take your ideas to the next step with a authentic commercial/ market-friendly point of view. Make it a profitable business.

Being thankful is the bridge that can support you in feeling inspired rather than being motivated. Feel free to drop your comments about this blog in the comment box below and let me know your ways of being motivated and being inspired.

Share your wisdom!

Hugs and love


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