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12 Myths of Starting an Online Business

Myths can stop us. 

The fear of those myths can stop us.

 But it is scarier if we allow that fear to stop us from growing, evolving and progressing?.

Doubt, fear, worry… it slows us down to a stop when we allow it!

I believe entrepreneurship, be it for men or women, takes some amount of courage from the one who is ready to invest. Every business, be it something as new as an online business or as specific to hard work as a traditional one, has several myths associated with it. While taking your business to the vast world of  the web, there will be many forces that will try to pull you back to the ground and similarly, many forces will also charm you towards some new lessons of learning. So once you have decided to move ahead… just go and grab it. Take the lead and forget about all the myths and apprehensions that are associated with the word ‘online’ business.

Some of the most common myths associated with online business are:

  1. Find a need and fill it: Online business is more of an endless learning It is not just about one single need and the journey of filling it. There is more to it… more dreams, more passion, more needs and more filling and oozing out.
  1. Learn how to sell: Sooner or later, now or then… you will apparently learn how to sell. I personally do not want to be sold anything. However I do want to buy.  I want to buy from passion and I want to buy the persons experience.
  1. Get a cheap website: If your website is there to represent your dreams, then can you afford to make it a cheap deal? NEVER…go for such an unfair bargain!
  1. Get a funnel that’s all you need: NO… NO… NO… Hahaha! Your funnel must ooozzzeee you and your clear message along with the trail of growth for the hungry consumer.
  1. Get a list and sell everyday:Your audience are not fools.DO NOT BOMBARD people with emails. Email consistently with education, inspiration, with tools, with tips to that will add to their lives.
  1. You’ll have a ton of free time: If they say online business is going to give you ample of time, then probably they are joking with you. Running an online business is a full time job… You can shape it like a job or you can shape it from what you love to do. Just the sameas any offline business.
  1. Be your own boss: No-one is their own boss. The customer is the boss in a online and offline business.  Do not be fooled here!


  1. Simply sell on Facebook: Facebook is not a platform where people come to buy or purchase. It is more of a social need for many and most of the time, people won’t simple adore your idea of selling on Facebook. Position yourself on Facebook as to how you want people to perceive you.
  1. Online business is cheap to start: Are you kidding me??? Well, I wish it could be cheap but it isn’t!
  1. You can run your online business by yourself: No, that’s not true! You need a lot of technical assistance and help to run an online business, and especially if you want to make it successful. Again like a offline business.

These recommendations are get a job, work hard and get as much as you can attitude: Okay this might be true for some but as a women entrepreneur, I believe online business is more about your passions and the smart work you do for your business.

If you are passionate you will succeed: Success is a complete 360 degree process that starts and ends with passion.

Successful women entrepreneurs who chase dreams in the journey of turning their ideas into reality work from their passion with commitment, new skills and delivering more than is expected everyday! Passion is not enough, yet it is the driver along with clear defined values coupled with clear intentions, honesty and authenticity. An online business is no different to an offline business we simply use different tools to communicate and market our product and service.

When I say an online business is not different to an offline one, I know how difficult it could be to manager both forms of businesses because it is something that I have been doing for over 30 years offline and 5 years online.But honestly speaking… I love being online and I also cherish my offline work. I relish the fact that through the world of the web, I can travel across places, time, religions, nationalities, cultures, diversities, and so on.  I can write this post from my seat on this plant from Los Angeles to Perth Western Australia and still I can be in your mind when you are reading it in my website right now. Don’t you think this power of being online is truly motivational?  I do believe in it!

So if you are someone who is planning to start your own online business then here you go! I have this list of 12 questions or you can ask“my 12 She’preneur CONCEPT to PROFIT QUESTIONS”this week are:

  1. What is your Passion?
  2. When did you become aware that you had a passion?
  3. What problem does your passion solve when you deliver you service and product?
  4. What skills do you have to over deliver that product and service?
  5. How can you inspire people with your passion and your skills?
  6. What do you value in our personal life?
  7. How are you going to carry out your values everyday in your business?
  8. What do you need personally?
  9. How is your business going to give you what you need?
  10. What colours and tones suit your personality for your business brand?
  11. What routines do you have in place personally for a healthy mind and body?
  12. Do you have a supportive network that has skills that can truly support you?

I was very young when I first read this beautiful quote and I still remember it.

It says,

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

It certainly does!

 Running an online business hasthe same future that you will surely meet…sooner or later and if you are that person who believes in the honesty and beauty of your dreams then you will surely make it successful.

Tell me something about your online experiences.

I would love to hear it from you in the comment box.

Hugs and love


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2 thoughts on “12 Myths of Starting an Online Business”

  1. i suppose people get confused with “never working a day in your life” with having ample of time. You’re right… I do spend a lot of time on my business. I can’t stop thinking about it, but that’s where the never working comes in because I love it so much. i think your perspective is interesting in that you’ve run offline businesses and are merging it with the online world. Do you think there are a lot of parallels in both?

    1. Yep we all spend a lot of time on our business when we have one and when we know where we are going and isn’t that so exciting.

      We have a dream and we are pursuing it.. some people have no stopped to clearly define their dream yet so maybe thats the reason why they feel like they have to work for someone elses dream.

      I don’t see much difference between a online and offline business. We use different tools to have relationships and that is what any business is…. relationships!

      Love that question Regina



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